Facebook Pages - Get Your Institution Started

In the past few weeks, Facebook has been launching new advertising avenues for marketers. This week, they have come up with another avenue - Facebook Pages.

Facebook pages allow institutions to create micro sites on Facebook for promotional purposes. It's like a MySpace for Facebook. On these pages, you can add videos, photos, and virtually any content you may want. Most Facebook applications will work with these pages as well. You can even create your own application to run on your Facebook page.

Users of Facebook can them become "Fans" of your institution by joining your page. They can write reviews and share information about your institution directly on your page. As consumers "fan-sumers" turn to social connections more for endorsements, this becomes more crucial in the marketing mix. It is no longer about controlling the message, but providing an area for discussion.

In addition to the pages, Facebook has said it will give marketers metrics on activity, performance and user demographics of Fans.

I plan to experiment with this more in the next few days.

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