Distance Education – The New Era of Education System

Distance Education is the new era of the modern day’s education world. Distance Education brings the revolution in the world of traditional education system. Its change the old concept of education system where students physically appearance is must for studying purpose. In simple term Distance Education is a new kind of education system where students study and learn while sitting at their home. In Distance Education schooling system students have no need to visit the school to learn the subjects and over and done with their study.

Sources of Distance Education 
Technology plays an important part in the modern education system. The concept of distance education is entirely based on the latest and fast forwarding technology. There are numerous technologies available which help in the distance education schooling system. Selecting the right sort of source plays a vital role on the competence of distance education. The selection is completely based on the objectives, students, and studying environment. In current ever changing technology world there are numerous sources of distance education are available like -

* Print medium
It is the most common source of distance education. Examples are notebooks, textbooks, study guides etc.

* Audio and Video medium
Here we can include audio and video Cds and DVDs of syllabus.

* TV and Radio
It is one of the convenient sources of distance education.

* Teleconferencing
In here we can include various types of telecommunication medium which provides a platform to interact between teacher and students.

* Internet
It is one of the popular and most demanding sources of distance education which is gaining rapid popularity.

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