Online Education - The new world of Education

Online education has become a very popular option for people that are too busy to attend traditional classes. Internet based courses are actually effective at teaching students certain subjects such as social science, history and business. Any course that does not require lab experiments can be successfully mastered online. For example, psychology degrees are commonly offered online. These programs can be fully completed through virtual classrooms in only a few semesters.

Students taking distant learning programs still need to have traditional supplies. However, textbooks are becoming outdated and that's why electronic books are now widely used as the reading material for online classes. Students can easily download entire textbooks and manuals in digital format. The e-books can be read on laptops and tablets while on the go. Some virtual textbooks also have interactive features that are simply not available in traditional printed books. For example, video presentations can show certain concepts and share other stories. Additionally, electronic books may have links that redirect to external sites that provide other reading information and relevant resources for studying a specific subject.

Any online degree in liberal arts and social science can be easily attained without ever attending a physical class. Even exams and tests can be taken online. Virtual classrooms offer tests that come with a time limit. A student only has one chance to take the test within a given time frame such as one hour. Sometimes, technology is used to confirm the identity of a student taking a test in order to prevent cheating. For instance, a live web cam feed of a student taking a test can be sent to a professor. The online instructor can therefore confirm that a student is honestly taking an exam without receiving any sort of help.

Online education is more affordable than traditional learning in colleges and universities. There are less expenses associated with operating a distant learning course. Students can expect to pay up to four times less per credit for an online class compare to a traditional course at a college. There are also plenty of fees that are not charged for online education. For example, charges for insurance and lab usage are not processed for students taking online classes. Monash online is an example of an accredited institution that offers higher level classes in areas such as psychology. Many employers now accept online degrees in a wide range of specialties.

Professional Education – Build Career and Develop Personality

In this type of education we can include any type of education, programs and courses that improve the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours both for personality development and career prospective. It’s a part of the higher education system.

In simple term Professional Education means an higher education system that builds individuals for precise levels and careers suitable for various fields like law, medicine, agriculture, IT, management, health care, offices, arts, academic, pharmacy, computers etc.

In Higher Education System there is numerous types of professional courses are available like Computers courses, Management courses, teaching courses, nursing courses, vocational courses, automobiles courses and many mores.

Kindergarten - The Basic Education system

Since the old day education plays a vital role in the development of skills and transfer of knowledge through one generation to another generation. In the education system Kindergarten is the basic education system which develops the basic skills of children. It’s a primary and the first step of the child towards the learning process and interacts with the society.

Kindergarten can be defined as a preschool education system in which children’s learn to communicate, play, and interact with other kids in a proper manner. In the education world kindergarten is well known by the other common names like pre-school, playschool, playgroup and nursery. In this basic education system normally 3 to 6 age group of children’s are included.

2015 BETT Show London Information, Tickets, News, Venue, Schedule, Date, Timings

The education and media awards are one of the popular awards in the education world. In these awards The BETT Show short form for The British Educational Training and Technology Show is one of the most prestigious education related award show which is held every year in the month of Jan-Feb. This annually learning technology event was founded in the year of 1985 at at the Barbican Centre, central London. It is recognized as one of the most important education fair which showcases the use of latest and innovative technology in education field. It provides the ideal platform for IT firms to generate new business in the education sector. The 2015 BETT show will be held from end days of Jan month in Excel Centre in London's UK.

Integrated Marketing Communications - New Channel of Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications - New Channel of Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications well known as IMC is a strategic marketing process specifically designed to ensure that all campaigns like paid advertising, public relations, promotion, owned assets, and social media are unified across all channels to execute the specific goals. Integrated Marketing Communications, IMC, is not a new philosophy, rather a newly relied on requirement. As colleges and universities are coming into their reporting and evaluation phases of their IMC plans they should start to see the pay-offs (some measurable, others not) of the commitment and success of their branding campaigns. As the web continues to become a higher priority, branding will be stretched to accommodate new avenues (social networks, You Tube videos, Google Earth, etc...). Support will be needed to facilitate these opportunities. Marketing + Math + Technology: Data quality, quantity and accessibility mean that math is everywhere. Leaders are more likely to have the metrics and capabilities to judge the effects of new media.

Analytics will determine the success of marketing strategies. These tools are becoming easier to use and more adaptable. CRM technologies are focusing on analytics out-of-the-box in addition to customizable reports. Free tools, such as Google Analytics and the upcoming Microsoft Analytics package, will support web-based strategies. Online surveys and other volunteer-driven measurement applications will increase in reliance. Marketers will not only need to determine the message, they will also have to determine how to measure the effectiveness. The Network Effect: Digital media requires a far higher level of collaboration and coordination across all players. Nearly 60% of survey respondents believe creative, strategic and media capabilities should be rebounded--but there is no consensus as to which type of agency should lead.

Many campuses have a decentralized web development structure. One area runs the main pages and each department is in charge of their own domain. At times this can be efficient (imagine one department running every site), but it also opens up the door for individual, competing marketing messages. Collaboration amongst campus constituents encourages stronger branding. It also allows the "experts" of each department an opportunity to contribute his or her resources. Work together and for one another.

Showing off your campus

Each campus marketer has an arsenal of great campus photos. These usually include panoramic views of the campus in early fall, when all the leaves have turned colors or a nice spring day with flowers in bloom.

Although these photos have their place, they aren't real. They are staged, taken at the right time with the sun in the right place. They involve the correct mix of students playing Frisbee, or reading under the perfect tree.

In today's world of user-generated content, our prospective students want the "real" campus photos. These are the photos taken by real students, showing real student activities.

I know what you are saying, we have these in our student blogs. We're good to go. And you're correct, this is a great place for the photos. But do they make for a compelling tour of campus?

A few photos of campus with real students is great, but can you piece them together to make a virtual tour? Many universities have created great online campus maps. Many of these maps are 3D images, with interactive buildings — click on the buildings and a popup shows you a "staged" photo with a description.

However, a more powerful option would be a way to combine real student photos with the campus map, and let prospective students check it out. That's what Google is trying to do with the geotagging features built into Picasa, Google Earth and Google Street View. And these tools are becoming easier to use.

Check out This site takes advantage of the Google APIs to geotag user-generated panoramic photos. The photos are displayed in Flash, a better alternative to Quicktime VR. Imagine your campus online in panoramic view, a great project for current photography students. Showing this off to potential students at the beginning stages of their search process would be an excellent way to bring your campus to them.

Or you could geotag your own photos and upload them to Panoramio so other can see the campus through Google Earth.

The three keys are: student-generated photos, mapped photos (for future-proofing, use geotagging) and an interface available everywhere (your site, or a mapping site).

Try it out, the possibilities are endless. If you have done something like this on your campus, let me know by leaving a comment. I would love to check it out.

Importance of Online Education in modern day's Education System

Since the old civilization days education remains one of the prime aspects of the society. Education is one of the vital elements of the life of any person to gain knowledge and learn things to live in the society. Due to the portability and easiness online education becomes the one of the major part of the modern day’s education world. Online education also known as E-learning or distance education brings the new era in the modern day’s education system. This new concept of education system is most suitable for students who have little time or money to attend the classes. In the numerous mediums of online education, The Internet is the prime source of the online education to present educational materials to students as quickly as possible. In simple term Distance Education is a new kind of education system where students study and learn while sitting at their home.

The Utah State University Regional Campuses and Distance Education are a well recognized and reputed name in the field of the online and distance education which is offering top-tier distance education for past 90 years in all over USA region. For the upcoming spring season of 2014 this highly respected and authorized online Utah State University pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications for admissions to their various degrees, programs & courses like Agribusiness, Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education, Economics, Family Life Studies, Psychology, Career and Technical Education, Instructional Technology, common core standards math, Accounting, Economics, Computer Science and a lot of other others courses and programs under one roof.