Blogging HighEdWeb

So far, most of the presentations have discussed CMS and Portals.

Portals are great, but they could be much better. The whole site should be a portal. Take, the whole site is intelligent. You don't have to log in to get semi-customized information. Once you login, then all content is completly customized. The portal allows for this, but running on its own system. The portal should be fazed out and replaced with intelligent sites. More on this later.

CMS is awesome. However I still have yet to find a CMS that will do everything. With that said, I can see the need for smaller colleges to approach a redesign by narrowing down on a CMS

first and then designing around it. The message needs to get out, and a small team needs to have functional support. However, I would argue one should come up with a valid, standards-based design and then fit a CMS into it. By doing this, you are:

    Future-proofing. The future is based on standards, so should your CMS.
    Scalability. Standards will evolve, however new standards will be based on present standards. Non-standards based solutions will have to work harder, or not at all.

More to come later!