3 Tips for Acing Your Med School Interview

You've sent off your application. You've even heard back from your dream school. But do you have what it takes to nail the interview? If you're concerned about making a good impression on potential deans and admissions staff, here are just three tips for successfully completing your med school interview.

1: Ask Questions

While the emphasis will be on you first and foremost, don't be shy about turning the tables and asking about the school's teachers, classes, grants, degrees or post-graduation employment opportunities. This will send the right message to the interviewer, one that says you're someone who thinks about the future.

2: Don't Be A Cliche

Medical schools are full of students who want to "help people" or "make a difference in the world." These might be noble reasons for going into medicine, but they're also phrases that interviewers have heard a million times before. Try something a little more original to stand out from the crowd. Turn yourself into a memorable candidate.

3: Practice

Get your friends to help you with interview roleplaying. Ask yourself questions in front of a mirror and gauge your own responses. Look into medical school admission consulting for a targeted assessment of your interview approach. It's impossible to over-prepare, so pull out all the stops.

These are just a few good ways to get ready for your med school interview. Don't leave it to chance, not when your entire future is at stake. Use these tips and ace the meeting from handshake to departure.